Panorama Corrector 2



The Photoshop compatible plug-in filter Panorama Corrector 2 can correct many kinds of distortions of panoramic and non-panoramic images, making them look natural and perfect.


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Types of distortions that Panorama Corrector 2 can correct

Panorama Corrector 2 is a universal tool. It can be used to correct many distortions of different nature:

  • panorama distortion (common for most panoramic images),
  • perspective shift, image skewing and rotation,
  • lens distortion,
  • curved horizon (caused by camera tilt, unfavorable shooting spot or by stitching software),
  • any other distortions that cause curvature of straight lines or changes in shape or size.

Some examples of geometric distortions that Panorama Corrector can correct

User interface

Despite the high effectiveness of Panorama Corrector, it is really easy to work with it. Due to the visual distortions definition system the correction usually does not take more than several minutes: the user marks several distorted lines and chooses how to straighten them. Panorama Corrector does all the rest.

The examples below show what lines you may define for different distortions to get the ideal rectilinear geometry (the lines are highlighted in red).

When you have defined several distorted lines, you should decide how to correct them. They may become either angled (and converging) straight lines or strictly horizontal/vertical (and parallel) straight lines. You can use angled/converging lines to simulate an angled view or strictly horizontal/vertical lines to simulate a front view.

The examples below demonstrate the two options.

Original Corrected image (no compensations) Corrected image (all compensations to 100%)
Original Corrected (Angled View) Corrected (Front View)

When to use

Panorama Corrector is especially recommended for correction of panoramic and wide-angle images that represent pieces of architecture, furniture, large groups of people, interior scenes and urban landscapes. You can have a look at our galleries to get a general idea of what this technology is capable of.